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LS-NK-11 Century Plaza Kit  N Scale  Available

LS-NK-11 Century Plaza Kit
Retail Price: $79.95
Current Price: $63.96

Product details

Cast Resin Kit: 4-1/8 x 3-3/8" x 8-1/8"

Both the Ivory Tower and Century Plaza structures are corner buildings, both have the gorgeous arched front entry door, and both are based on the same Art Deco design. But their colors, heights, and particularized details create very different structures that easily stand as individuals in the same city. For instance, the Century Plaza features a fully detailed roof-top penthouse, unlike any “top-off” we’ve created before. And the lower tier of the Ivory Tower (guess what color it is) has a slightly set-back, higher center section that adds considerable interest. The grand number of windows makes us all glad that they’re separate and pre-colored, as are the entry doors. All walls are pre-colored “stone”. NO PAINTING IS NEEDED.

We handcraft our kits in high quality tooling resin that duplicates Bob's original patterns in crisp, deep-relief detail. This resin is easy to work with and can readily be cut and sanded for kitbashing. It also provides a matte finish. (No shiny plastic look here!) Each kit features separate, pre-colored windows, doors and wall castings. Kits require either no painting or very easy painting. Flat roofs are cast in dark gray and detailed. New kits now and in the future have backs of castings sanded smooth and flat. Corners are either machined 45-degree angles or have tabs and slots for ease in square corner placement. Gap-filling ACC (Super Glue) and flexible silicone glue takes care of the gluing. Clear window glazing, text and photo instructions and occasional other details.